the after-image presents

RE: SHE a litany of adventures

September 13-15 + 20-22, 2019

playarts, philadelphia, pa

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passionately postmodern theater

the after-image

the after-image creates theatrical events for the passionately postmodern audience.

we are a theater company contending with the stories and forms that have preserved the status quo. 

we conjure text, movement, video, and sound into productions that engage an active audience in the collective questions of our past, present, and future.


premiering september 2019

RE: SHE a litany of adventures


RE: SHE is the story of a band of modern day explorers, unwilling to perpetuate the lineage of hate into which they were born. On their quest, they exhume a cancerous story, which they cannot see, but whose impact they feel deep in their blood. Seeking lost worlds outside of a dangerous narrative adapted again and again, some adventurers must atone for their sins and those they’ve inherited, while others must avenge wrongs still ongoing. If they don’t, they risk writing the next chapter in a truly horrific penny dreadful.


video by Sarah Mackus



devisors & designers

RE: SHE is a reclamation of narrative agency, born from a collective effort of every member of our artistic team. Each collaborator holds a distinct perspective on race, gender, and ability and all are Philadelphia-based artists of the highest caliber. We could not be more honored to be making this work with and for our community.


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The after-image is seeking contributions in support of RE: SHE a litany of adventures, premiering at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Tax deductible donations can be made through Fractured Atlas a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts service organization. You may also fund RE: SHE - and scoop up some fun perks - through our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Learn more.

video by Sarah Mackus